Kra Bi

The site of a prehistoric community said to be the former town of  Bantai-Samaw,by the Andaman Sea ,is one of twelve cities bearing the symbol of thailand,s twelve horoscopes. The symbol of the city is the “monkey” although the name of the province,Kra Bi mean dagger mearthed before.the City’s construction located under the influence of the northerly monsoons, Kra Bi enjoys just two season : summer from January to April and an eight-mounth rainy season It climate,loose clay and sandy soil conditions, makes krabi enjoys just two seasons. Its connditions makes Kra Bi  suitable for cultivating rubber, plams cashew nut,coffee and coconut plantations.These Thrive in abundance.similar to the limestone mountains covering the  land ,and water of this small province with arichu ,nature environment


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Ancient City Of Thailand

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